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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Seems Right in TV Land

I admittedly watch a lot of television. A LOT.

Last night's round of shows brought great joy. First up, GLEE! I absolutely love this show...the fact that it showcases (in a fairly positive light) the "creative" kids in school versus the jocks or preps or whatever other name you may have for the popular, cool kids is the best thing about this new hit. I find myself waiting each week to see what new and popular song they're gonna tackle and change up and make sound better than it does on the radio. And like all soaps (yes, even though it's on at night, it's still a soap!) there's the overly melodramatic drama of who's dating whom and which character hates which. Love it!

And our course there's the Tuesday night staple that is American Idol. I admit that when this season began, it didn't hold much promise: Ellen being a new judge scared me (but she's awesome as a talk-show host!), and the talent didn't seem to stand out like years past (think Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry). Thankfully I was wrong.

Ellen seems to be holding her own. She reminds me a bit of Paula in that she tries to be nice even when she's not being nice, so I like that. And the talent has definitely improved. With the exception of Crystal Bowersox, who's been amazing since she first opened her mouth, the rest of the group has come a long way. Even Tim Urban, the last-minute replacement, has raised his performance level. Overall, the show last night was a good one.

And that brings me to a long-time favorite of mine: LOST.

This show has been at the top of my list since the first episode. Outstanding special effects (did you see that plane crash!) and super-cool story line (press the button every 108 seconds or we all die!), this show had everything going for it.

Notice I said had. A couple of seasons ago things seemed to veer to the south just a bit. Too much of this and not enough of that made the show a tad annoying. But I stuck it out and I'm so glad I did. This season LOST is back, and it just keeps getting better each week! I won't go into a full-episode review, click here for that. I just wanted to say that I'm so glad Jack and Claire finally got to acknowledge that they're brother and sister! The way-too-short scene in the jungle between the two was very touching. It only took what, 5 years? 'Bout time.

I have yet to watch V (gotta love DVR!), but I'm hoping that with the other great shows I watched last night it's not a disappointment.

Any shows you're interested in? What's your favorite?

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