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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And so it begins...

Well today marks the first day of my blog. This is all very new to me...I don't know much about computers other than turning them on and surfing the internet. It took me nearly an hour just to set this up! But I digress.

I've decided after several years of trying to become a published writer (let's face it...everyone who can write is a writer, so being published is the only difference!) and getting nowhere that I would take the plunge and put myself out into the virtual world. This not only marks the first day of my blogging life, but it is also the first time I've told anyone else that I want to be a writer. "Major Step" is an understatement.

Back in high school - and yeah it's been a few years - I won a couple of writing contests and even received a Creative Writing scholarship to college, so the talent has always been there. Over the past decade or so I've buried that talent beneath random jobs and HUGE mistakes and just plain Life. Now I've decided it's time to dust off said talent and see if it can still hold a shine!

So anyway, that's where I stand: alone and nervous and hoping that opening my eyes to the virtual world of writerdom will set free my strangled muse...maybe she hasn't choked on ten years of rubbish!

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