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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dark Places

Just wanted to mention a great book - "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn. Check out her website at http://www.gillian-flynn.com/ for her bio (which is cool) and another of her excellent books, "Sharp Objects".

If you can handle some adult subject matter, "Dark Places" is an awesome book. Amazing writing with very creative description that doesn't overpower the story, which is well developed.

The main character, Libby Day, is the sole survivor of a massacre who grows up under the eye of the public and without the proper guidance or support to handle what happened to her family when she was a child. Her brother is fingered as the killer by her and spends his life behind bars while Libby tries to deal with her new life.

Enter a secret "Kill Club" who likes to delve into true crimes that approaches Libby with questions about her testimony all those years ago. After prompting questions, Libby begins to wonder about her brother's guilt. To avoid giving away anything, I'll just say that the truth finally comes out and it's a shock - to Libby AND to the reader.

This novel isn't very long, but by no means a quick read. It pulls you in from the beginning with it's short, precise sentences and excellent pacing. You immediately begin to care for the characters - especially Libby and the horrendous trauma she experienced. With chapters written from the point of view of both Libby's mom and her brother on that horrible day, you find yourself caring about them as well.

"Dark Places" is recommended as a great mystery with spot-on writing, perfect pacing, and excellent characters...enjoy!

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