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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

last things first?

So I've made it to the point of my WIP where it's time to actually start writing.

Did he just say start?

Yeah, I did. I guess I should explain.

I begin my stories with character work. I flesh out what type of person each character is going to be - things like mood, mindset and motivation - and their backgrounds. I have to know where they're coming from before I can see where they're going.

Once I'm done with each character's profile (and the minor characters get one, too!) I make it to the point where I am now. And this is where a question popped into my head:

What if I wrote my synopsis first?

Kinda crazy, I know, but I thought about it and it kind of makes since. Of course I don't know exactly everything that's going to happen - I like to leave myself some surprises - but I have a fairly detailed idea. So, I gave it a shot and quess what? I like it! Somehow, writing out a generic synopsis before writing the actual story seems to make beginning said story much easier.

The basic plot of my WIP hit me all at once, like I'm sure a lot of writers' ideas do, so what better way to salvage all that info than to put it down on paper? (I mean, that is what we do!) I took those ideas and sparks and worked them out into my version of an outline - very loose and free-flowing and definitely subject to change. But, it gives me sort of a quick reference to peruse when my muse is in the shop!

So I ask...Do you think writing a synopsis before you write the actual novel/story/whatever makes sense? How would you begin? 

Happy writing all!

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