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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh what a night!

So Saturday brought record heats to the south, but I wasn't feeling it. Nope, I was nice and comfy inside Page & Palette bookstore eagerly awaiting the arrival of one Richelle Mead.

The crowd grew - both in size and buzzed anticipation - as Ms. Mead made her way into the "spotlight" for some great reading and Q& A...she's so tiny!

This is the first author signing I've attended and I must say, it was a blast! So much fun to be in the company of people who love books as much as I do. You could feel the energy in the place as the night drew to a close - no one wanted it to end (except maybe for Richelle Mead, of course!).

I chose not to take my camera - a last-minute decision I now regret. I didn't want to seem overly eager or weird, mainly because I consider myself a bit "old" for the YA crowd. But once I got there, I saw that a great number of people in the group were closer (or past) my age and they were flashing cameras around like dollar bills at a strip club. So I would've been fine. (** note to self: next time don't worry about how goofy/ridiculous/out of place you'll look and take your dang camera!)

If you want to see some photos, check out Richelle Mead's blog here.

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