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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

silver linings...

So this weekend proved eventful for me in more ways than one.

First, it was a holiday weekend (yay!) so the extra day off from work was awesome.

Second, I got some great writing done (both actual writing of the story and a nice synopsis!) thanks to a friend going to the emergency room for over 4 hours. I know, it sounds horrible, but luckily he was just fine. As I was sitting in the ER waiting area (did I mention it was over 4 HOURS!), the ideas just started coming. I had to jump up, run out to my car, and snag my trusty notebook and pen. I didn't even think to carry them in with me during all the hooplah. Anyway, I started writing and writing and writing, and the more I wrote, the more the ideas flowed. It was great!

Now, don't let my ramblings fool you. It's not like I managed to squeeze out 200 pages or something during my hospital ER hard-as-a-rock chair stay. No, unfortunately. But I did manage to finish the hard-as-heck chapter I had been slaving over for several days. And I zipped through a synopsis like it was nobody's business. All in all, an excellent writing weekend!

Which poses the question: Where do you guys find inspiration? Where do you find those few precious extra minutes (or hours...4 of them!) to throw pen to paper and improve on your masterpiece?

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