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Friday, July 9, 2010

it's alive....IT'S ALIVE!!...well, sorta

First let me start by saying Wow...look how long it has been since my last post! I try to do one post per week (sad I know, but LIFE gets in the way sometimes), but here lately I haven't been keeping my end of the deal. My apologies.

Second I'll say...I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! I had a very hectic holiday weekend (my sister got married...yay!) but I thoroughly enjoyed the time off from work. I was also very busy finishing up my wip, EVER.


My Beta Reader loved it, and I've completed all the changes that I feel are necessary. I'm doing a final read-through this weekend, just looking for any words that may need to be swapped out with something more appealing and checking for missed grammatical errors, then I'll be ready to start the Query Process!

I wrote my query a while back, but of course I've had some tweaking to do. I'm really pleased with it - as is my Beta Reader (she's the only one I have, so I call her my "Alpha Beta Omega" reader!) - and once I hear back from the incomparable Elana Johnson with what I'm sure will be an outstanding query critique, I'll work on her recommended revisions and then be good to go! (Seriously, folks...if you're ready to query but feeling a bit unsure of your query caliber, visit Elana's website/blog and buy her book From the Query to the Call...it's amazing! And you get a free query critique!)

So say a little prayer for me, oh folks of Writerdom...for I'm sure I'll need it!

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