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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

like my new look?

So I decided after only a short time on Blogger to change the face of my blog...I hope you all like!

Also, as I said in a previous post, I've begun the querying process and boy are my nerves shot! I knew it would be nerve-wracking just from what I've read about others' query adventures, but I didn't know it would be this all-consuming. I have to force myself to focus on other things (thankful for bad reality tv!) to keep from sitting in my email with my finger on the refresh button!

So far, I've received a rejection, a partial request (yay!) and a request for a full (YAY!!) so all in all, it's been a rewarding experience so far. Who knows what will come of it all, but I'm so excited to finally be doing it! Keep your fingers crossed for me, blog fam!


  1. Sometimes white on black can be hard to read but yours isn't bad, maybe since your post is short. If you go to much longer posts you might what to reconsider the white on black. But that's beside the point-- I want to congratulate you on positive results from querying! Those are really fantastic responses! Wishing you the best on those partials & full & others!

  2. Thanks so much Karen...I'll keep the white-on-black in mind!

    And that partial I received was because of your Query contest! I didn't win the contest, but received a nice email from Allie requesting a partial, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...and thanks to you for offering that awesome contest!

  3. yeah tell me about it! ;--) good luck to you!