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Thursday, July 29, 2010

the "v" word

First I have to start by saying…I’m on vacation next week!!! YAY!
It’s been far too long, so I’m uber excited!

Of course, I’m gonna be working on things at my new house (double YAY!), so it won’t be a true vacation…but it’s better than being at work! And I do plan on getting some writing done as well, hopefully more than I normally get done!

But on to the point of this post.

I’ve noticed in the twittersphere (follow me @jmanni32!) that agents and editors and writers (oh my!) have all expressed some carefully-worded opinions about the state of Vampire Works in fiction: mainly…they’re dead – and not in the good way.

This kinda worries me. First, because I write vampire YA, and Second, because I’m afraid that the queries I’ve recently sent out are gonna be rejected because of the subject matter regardless of how good the writing might be. (I’m not saying I’m good, just that the quality of the writing might not matter once agents see the dreaded “V” word)

So I pose a question to you, faithful followers…do you think vampire stories need to be automatically filed beneath the slush pile, forever avoided like The Plague? Or do you think that quality writing is quality writing, and the subject matter comes in second?

In other words…Am I wasting my time with my current queried ms?

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