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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

can you keep a secret?

If so, then you’ll have one more requirement under your belt when the Publication Fairy drops her dust on you.

Have you noticed on author blogs, tweets, etc. those posts titled something like “BIG NEWS I CAN’T SHARE YET!” or “SOMETHING MAJOR TO ANNOUNCE SOON!”? Then within the next day or so, those same bloggers are singing the high praises of their freshly-signed contracts? I’ve always wondered why the wait? Why do these people hold off on announcing their joyous successes?

Is it because all writers are nothing more than big teases, reveling in the torment those headlines cause their blog followers? Or maybe they just like to build suspense on their blogs to practice for their books? Or maybe it’s because they’re required to, by their new agent or editor or publishing house?

Any thoughts? Why do you guys think there’s a pause before shouting from the rooftops “I GOT AN AGENT/BOOK DEAL/CONTRACT!!”?


  1. I've noticed it too and I believe it comes from being really close but not quite there yet. Like, close enough that you're bursting to tell but untiil the ink is dry on the contract you better hold off.

  2. I reckon they're bursting to tell but afraid it might all fall through and if they've already announced it then they'll feel even worse!

    Often contest winners know long before the results are formally announced and are asked not to say.

    Maybe the teaser is so that people will pop back to the blog for the announcement.

    But I think if it was me I'd just keep quiet :-)

  3. It's a requirement. Often the writer knows they got a book deal, but until it's officially announced, they're not allowed to tell anyone.

    Although honestly, by saying, "I've got good news but I can't tell you!!!" they are pretty much announcing it. There's no real secret. So I think authors do it to build suspense and excitment. Othewise, they would keep quiet until the news is official.

  4. Thanks for the comments, gang! And thanks for helping me reach double digits!

  5. Wish I could say "big news coming soon" but I do know why they can't just announce it. It is a NO NO to say anything before the deal is official. I guarantee those authors are dying to tell us! But they have to wait for the official go ahead before they can. :D