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Monday, August 2, 2010

vacation...and a contest?

So as my previous post said, I’m on VACATION!!!

Hopefully I’m busy working on getting my new house in order, cleaning yards, and writing (since I’m writing this post before my vay-cay actually starts, who knows)…or at the very least not sitting in front of the TV watching a Cake Boss marathon (luv that show!).

I just wanted to throw this out there…and maybe The Universe will send some love my way...if by chance on Monday (8/9) when I’m officially back to real life I have double-digit followers…I’ll be holding my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!

(Crowd cheers and applauds his generosity)

Seriously folks, if you know of anyone who may not mind clicking the “follow” button on my sidebar, send them on over…not sure yet what the giveaway will be (well, it’ll be a book – just not sure which one), but it will definitely be SIGNED…AND GOOD. I have several to choose from, so put the word out…and if by some Cosmic Interference I hit DOUBLE double digits (like, 20)…then I’ll give away even more!

So I’m going to start my VACATION now (don’t hate), but I’ll try to sneak in some blog time, too…have fun!

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