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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

guilty much?

So Labor Day weekend just passed and it was a good one. It was so nice to have an extra day off work to do with what I pleased. I spent 99% of my weekend working on the house I moved into about a month ago, so my days were spent out in the extreme heat painting and landscaping and such. Oh, joy.

The one thing I didn't get to do - that I really wanted to - was writing. I suppose I could have stayed awake longer than I did and put in some writing time, but I honestly thought that the words I would have produced in my sun-drenched, overly-fatigued state would have been utterly worthless, so I opted out of that choice. I know, people always say "even poor writing is good writing if you do it every day".

Which brings me to my question: "Do you guys ever feel guilty for not writing daily? Excluding, of course, those unforeseen things that happen in life (death, natural disaster, etc), do you feel like you aren't worthy if you give up writing to do other, perhaps less important, things? No matter what, do you try and write something every single day?  I'm wallowing in a bit of guilt this morning, so I'm looking to see what others think about this...and thanks for listening!

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  1. I've been working (what feels like) round the clock on my money making job and haven't gotten a lot of time to write in the past couple weeks. I've definitely been feeling the guilt!