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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

let's try this again!

As I'm sure you can see, my very first giveaway attempt a few weeks ago was a rousing failure. But I had a sudden surge in followers yesterday (thanks Alex J Cavanaugh!) so I've got the giveaway fever again.

So tell your friends and followers to come visit my blog (I know it isn't as fancy or filled with useable info like some blogs, but I'm working on it!) and follow me. Once I get to 20 followers (only 3 to go, thanks new guys!) I'll be giving away a signed copy of...

Will Grayson, Will Grayson!


It is signed, guys. I just don't have a photo of that because the book is at home and I am not. But both John Green and David Levithan have put their John Hancock right in the front pages, so this is a real winner! So remember, get me up to 20 and it could be yours.
The rules are super-simple...simply comment on this post and tell me what YA book you are most looking forward to coming out. It can be something hitting bookshelves this year or next (or even further if you know about it.) And that's it! Simple, right? 

I'll leave the giveaway open till midnight on Sunday, September 26th. So on Monday, I'll be randomly drawing a winner (probably from a hat since I'm not technically advanced enough to use that randomizer thingy).

So spread the word, folks, and get me to 20! And if by some miracle I hit 30 before Sunday night, I'll throw in an additional signed book and AN ADDITIONAL WINNER! (not sure which book that would be, but it'll be a good one, I promise!)

ADDENDUM! **  Changing the rules a bit. You don't have to comment on this or any of my other posts - just be a follower of my blog and you're name is in for this giveaway!


  1. LOL, how do you like that? You were invited to follow someone's exclusive blog! Welcome to the gated community!

    Can there be any DOUBT what book I'm looking forward to? Perilous, of course! Heard it's a really great thriller! :)

    How goes your publishing pursuites?

  2. I know, isn't it exciting!

    I, too, have heard a bit about Perilous. Hmmm...wonder if it'll be any good?!

    Things have slowed down...I'm doing some revisions that I think are gonna make my ms much better, but they're taking a while.
    So sad I wasn't picked up by Wido! Oh well!

  3. I have this book already, but I would LOVE a signed copy. I also spread the word on twitter because even if I don't win, I think everyone should read this book. :)


  4. Thanks for the shout out, Pam! And I agree, this book is great! I was gonna keep it (since it's signed!) but I thought nah, I'll pass it off to someone who can enjoy it like I did!

  5. Hey Jamie what is the title of your New Voices entry?

  6. Hey Joanna...it's Ever...what's yours?

  7. I'm so sad I missed your give away! I would say the book I'm most looking forward to is mine! LOL Right now, it's called The Eye of Tanub, but I don't love that title. Am thinking of changing it. Anyway, thank you so much for coming by my blog. I really like yours. You have a great voice and will have many followers in no time!

  8. Woohoo!! Very exciting, I love books! I'll be sure to give you a shout out! I stopped by for the blogging experiment I'll come back later!

  9. Now that Paranormalcy and Firelight are out I'm looking forward to Pegasus. But I'd loved to win this book, too. I heard the voices of the two Wills are both different and amazing!

  10. No worries Melissa, you haven't missed it! and thanks for following me!

    Jen...you're the best bestie ever! Thanks for the shout out!

    Margo, good luck, and it's an awesome book!

  11. I'll link up to this on my blog. Thanks!

  12. Elena's right : you do have an awesome name for your blog.

    Of course, my favorite YA book soon to be published is my own, CAPTAIN OUTRAGEOUS (a take on the title CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS.) (I'm dreaming about the soon to be published bit.)

    Come visit my blog to read a snippet of its beginnings (my hero's introduction to the eerie, supernatural French Quarter jazz club, Meilori's.

    See? You're already up to 38. Wait, I see the 39th and 40th waiting in line behind me. Sorry. I'll get out of their way.

    Have a great Sunday, Roland