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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

animal writes blogfest!

So I guess I should just change the name of my blog to "guy who posts nothing but blogfests" huh? I do have other things to say, honestly. But these are so fun! I really had a good time with this one...hope you like! (the limit was 1k words...I'm way under that!)

4 September

Day 85 of my captivity. I’ve all but given up on escaping this dreadful place. My captors have outdone themselves with thwarting my attempts at freedom. All the scare tactics and combat training I have used they have managed to evade, mocking me with their incessant laughter. The larger, much hairier one has even gone so far as to equip my rather expansive cell with a massive see-through wall that I feel is meant to be a form of torture. I am clearly able to view the outside world for which I so desperately yearn, but I cannot access it. I hate him most.

The smaller of my captors is far nicer than her cohort, but is still on my list of enemies. She does feed me daily, however, so I must control my rage against her. She smiles constantly, and I try to return her enthusiasm, hoping to convey a false sense of complacency as my mind spins with escape plans. I don’t know how much longer I can last.

I swore to myself that I would allow this imprisonment to last no longer than two months, and I am now far past that. This revelation is depressing to say the least, but I will not let it interfere with my desire for freedom. That is my only focus. All the touching and pampering and various objects thrown on the floor to distract me will not deter my objective. I will escape.

I will leave this wretched place and never return. I will feel the grass beneath my feet and the warmth of the sun on my skin once again. I will eat with class, instead of from a bowl on the floor like a parasite. I will no longer be forced to endure hours of torture and abuse by being rubbed and manhandled and tossed around the room like a rag doll. I will survive.

And when I do escape, and I am allowed to roam this world freely the way it was intended, I will no longer be forced to answer to the most deplorable name ever created: Mr. Snufflewinks the Amazing Wonder-Cat.


  1. Ha ha I love his name Mr Snufflewinks - the amazing wonder cat that is genius

  2. I hope he gets to run free! Despite the fact he doesn't, I love the name. :)

    I enjoyed reading your entry!

  3. Very well done, very funny. I feel for Mr. Snufflewinks!

  4. This was great!! I was thinking it was some big scary monster critter, and it sounds like I was right. I know some cats that are probably feeling the same way. Thanks for participating! The voice comes off really strong. Loved it!

  5. *LOL* Mr Snufflewinks! I assume his cell was a house with windows! Very well-written! Had me guessing till the end!

  6. Hi Jamie..like everyone I loved the name Mr Snufflewinks: its a cute name and conjures up a image of a cuddly cat. I enjoyed reading your post. Its been fun to read everyone's entries.

  7. Had me guessing until the last phrase...

    Nice job!

    Mr. Snufflewinks *snort*

  8. You've made me look at my own cat with new eyes.