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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my 2nd award!

So the lovely (as I've said before) Erica & Christy are not only running the Half-marathon of Words competition (you really should join, seriously), but they have also given me my Second Blog Award!!!

Yay! It's so exciting! And how cool is it that not only is it an award, but it's the "You're So Cool You're Getting Cupcakes!" Award!

Oh wait, that's not it. That's what I wish I could win.

No, the awesome award the lovelies bestowed upon me is the "Sweet Friend" Award! (at least, I hope that's the name) How cool is that!

So, a HUGE thank you to Erica & Christy for thinking of me...you guys rock!

And in the spirit of giving, I'm passing this along to a few of my blogging "friends"...enjoy!

1. Pam Harris

2. Jen Daiker

3. Bekah


  1. congratulations i wish those cupcakes were real

  2. Thanks guys! (And I do, too, Joanna!)

  3. Cool award, congratulations.

  4. Aww, thanks so much! :) I have an order of Crumbs cupcakes sitting in my fridge, so the timing is perfect!

  5. Cupcakes, like friends, are very, very sweet to have. Good luck with your writing, Jamie, and keep us posted!