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Friday, October 29, 2010

spooky swap swag!

So a couple weeks ago I signed up for the Spooky Swap over at Inked Books and I'm glad I did. Because today when I got home I found a sweet little package waiting for me! And inside? Lots o' stuff!

There was of course a book: Witch's Business by Diana Wynne Jones that sounds really cool.
Some great pencils and erasers: a necessity for someone who loves writing longhand!
A really cool orange skeleton cup that I plan to use all day on Halloween.
A pair of purple socks, a cute necklace, and what looks to be a hand-knitted scarf: Hey, even though I'm a guy (prob my fault for not specifying) it's totally cool - My baby sister (well, she's 30 but still the baby) has already snagged it all!
And some candy: My absolute favorite - Snickers! (they're not in the pic cause they didn't make it to the table!)

So a super-huge thanks to Jessica T. YOU ROCK!!


  1. I'm new to the blogging and it's stories like this that make me glad I joined this community. What a great surprise! I just set up my blog a few days ago and have met so many wonderful people already. when you get the chance stop by, I like meeting new people,

    Have a H A U n T i n G H A l L o W e e N....


  2. Oh dear I'm sorry. I didn't know you were a guy hehehe. I should have sent the black and white scarf :). I'm glad you loved your package!

  3. I agree, Gideon. I've only been around a few months and it really is a highlight of my day getting to visit this online community...welcome!

    And Jessica, no worries...I love all of it! My sister ended up giving the scarf to my little niece (she's 6), so it worked out great. Thanks again!

  4. That's an awesome package to arrive in the mail! :D

  5. lucky you, this is my 3rd month blogging and am loving it so far.
    off to chk out gideon's blog

  6. Cool swag. I'm envious.