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Friday, November 5, 2010

wanna go jogging?

If so, hop on board Blog Jog Day! It's a really cool way to meet some awesome people and blogs, and maybe even gain some new followers!

The event begins on November 21st at midnight, and I would bet there's gonna be some really great giveaways, so you're gonna want to get involved, right? And there's still time to sign up here, so don't wait...get jogging!


  1. is it just me getting a link asking me to pay? or is this a paid event?

  2. So we will all be done with our 50K words by then, right?

  3. Hey Joanna! It is a pay event. It costs $2 to enter...but supposedly the reward of new blogs/followers is worth it (we'll see)!

    Hey Karen! Oh boy I hope so, but highly doubt it!

  4. Last May on Blog Jog Day I got over 300 new visitors to my site--I'd say it works!

  5. Hmm...I'll check it out. I DO love to jog, but not to pay for it. BTW...jamie, since you're doing Nano you're probably WAY over the 21k by now huh? (not me *sob* but i'll keep writing...s-l-o-w-l-y making my way to the finish line by everybody else!) christy

  6. Hey Christy, I am doing NaNo...and my apologies for forgetting to send you a word count! (don't hold it against me!) Things have been crazy at work! But yes, I have passed the 21k, but only by a very little. Keep trucking!

  7. Hi Jamie, I'm a new follower, please follow me back!
    Hafsah @ IceyBooks