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Friday, April 8, 2011

Death of Fine Fridays...and the birth of TGIF!!

Yes, it is sad but true...Fine Fridays is no more. My apologies to those out there who looked forward to Friday mornings (I'm one of them!), but I have decided to be a bit more productive on Fridays, so the hotties had to go.


Now I've joined forces with my blogging bestie Ginger "G" over at GReads! for her TGIF meme. This week's question:

Book Tears:
Do you get emotional when you read?

Which books had you in tears?

I have to admit that I don't really cry when reading books. I get scared sometimes, laugh out loud a lot, even get angry. But cry? Not really.

But I have.

There are two books that come to mind right away. One is YA, one is more adult. I loved both books equally, but the adult book I don't plan on reading ever again. Yeah, it was that heart-breaking.

The YA book that actually brought tears to my eyes is Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Beautifully written with an exciting and unique premise, Delirium pulled me in from page one and didn't let go until the end--which is when the tears came. The ending to this book (and I won't tell you in case you haven't read it yet...and if you haven't, get thee to a bookstore NOW!) was a surprise to say the least, and it left me feeling torn open and shocked--in a good way. I loved this book and cannot wait for the next installment in the series. Trust me, you want to read this one.

The Adult (I guess?) book that absolutely without a doubt ripped open my heart and left it bleeding alone on the floor was Marley & Me by John Grogan. I've said it before...I am a HUGE animal lover. I think I love them more than people (sorry, but true). My dogs mean the world to me and make my day brighter no matter my mood. So when I came across this book I was a bit reluctant to read it because even though I hadn't heard what happened in it, I had an idea. But I opened it anyway and loved it. Marley is such a great character that really brings a family together and shows them joy and love. And yes, when the end rolled around I could barely see the words through the tears. I felt so depressed and saddened after I read it, and I vowed never to read it again. And I won't.

So there they are, the two books (that I can recall at this moment) that actually made me tear up. Thanks, G, for this really cool meme, and go visit her site folks. It's really great!


  1. Me and Lauren Oliver love to have a good cryfest.

  2. Aww J! I'm sad to see no more Fine Fridays - but EXCITED that you're going to join in TGIF's with me :-) Yay!!

    You know my thoughts on Delirium.. sobbingly superb!
    I read Marley & Me a few years ago & knew the ending going in to it, so I think I prepared myself? It was still sad though.

  3. Delirium was on my list as well! I haven't read Marley & Me, but I know how it ends and believe me, I'd be right there with you!

  4. Elena - Love her. Absolutely

    G - Yay! I'm excited to be here too (but I do miss Fine Fridays)! And Delirium was one of those surprise tear-fests...I totally didn't see it coming! Marley & Me was too sad, but what was worse is that I was dumb enough to watch the movie!

    Jasmine - Isn't Delirium great?! Love that book. I hadn't heard what happened in Marley & Me prior to reading it...so wish I had!

  5. First off, I am pretty sure that I am going to be sad that there are no more Fine Fridays, I probably missed a lot of fine...things. I have now read on a couple blogs that Delirium made their lists, certainly one to read now.

    I didn't read Marley & Me, but did see the movie and I cried like a baby.

  6. Cici - Yes, I think Fine Fridays going away will be felt far and wide!

    You must read Delirium...it's wonderful. And I think the Marley & Me movie was sadder than the book, so you got the worst of it (and I cried like a baby too)!

  7. I've read Delirium and been scared silly. Dystopian novels have a tendency to do that to me with their worlds because their world could be our world so easily! Yes, anyway. I haven't read Marley and Me because sad animal stories, just saying that, my heart squeezes a bit and I don't like sad stuff! Hehe. Thanks for visiting my site.

  8. I just bought Delirium today! I'll get my tissues at the ready for I am a cryer :-s

  9. bookwurrm - I'm with you on sad animal stories (unfortunately I was unaware it was going to be sad).

    Sam - You are gonna love it!!

  10. Man, the movie Marley and Me made me cry in front of my housemates (not cool) and I've never even owned a dog. I can't imagine how much worse it would be reading the book and really getting inside the character's head.

    I cried at two deaths in Harry Potter. One was the runny nose, sniffling kind of crying. Again, not a good look.
    - Sophia.

  11. Sophia - Did your housemates cry? I don't know how you couldn't cry at that movie! And honestly, the movie was worse--only because the dog was so cute and loveable!

  12. delirium is definitely in my list! it is just so heart wrenching!

  13. Delirium is sitting on my shelf... I really need to read it! Marley and Me, the movie made me teary eyed.

  14. Let's have a moment of silence for Fine Fridays. *sighs* With that said, I can't wait to read Delirium! I already boo hooed like a baby over Before I Fall, so I'm sure Ms. Oliver will get me again with this one. :)

  15. Cyndi - You really need to read it. Go now...I can wait!

    Pam - Bless you for the moment...Fine Fridays will be missed! And you have got to read Delirium asap...it it so good!

  16. I'll cry over any well written, emoive scene.

    I cry easily.


  17. I haven't either read or seen the movie for Marley & Me, but I really want to read the book. As for Delirium its in the TBR list I have yet to have the chance to read it =p New follower can't wait to read more of your blog

    as always ♥, Carol

  18. Donna - Crying is always good, right? So I say...Cry On!

    Carol - I'm torn on recommending the movie because though it's good it's REALLY sad at the end! And you have to read Delirium...such a great book. And thanks for following!