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Friday, April 15, 2011

TGIF over at GReads!

The awesomeness that is Ginger (or G, as I like to call her) over at GReads! has created a great meme that is tons of fun. Each Friday, she poses a question for anyone to answer. Go check her out and join in!

This Friday's Question:

If you could visit a fictional setting in any book,
where would you go?

Well this one for me is super easy. I actually have two answers: One is a totally fictional place, and the other is half real/half fiction (unfortunately!).

First, I would love to visit the world created by the amazing Suzanne Collins in The Hunger Games. Katniss' world is tumultuous, harsh, desperate...but so realistic that I think if we were to
drive down one of those abandoned-looking roads slicing through west Texas (you know the ones G?) we would stumble upon District 12 nestled among the rock formations and sandstorms. Even though I highly doubt I would survive the Games, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit this dystopian world!

I'm sure that my second choice is going to raise some eyebrows.

I so badly want to visit Forks, Washington--the setting for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. Now before you all scream and shout "Forks isn't fiction, it's real!", I want to visit the Forks from Stephenie's books. You know, the one that has this:

And this:

Yeah. You're not screaming "Forks is real!" now, are you?

So what about you? What fictional place would you love to visit? Go join Ginger's meme and tell us all about it!


  1. Forks, Washington is actually on my list of places to visit some day. Perhaps we need to go together?? lol And as for the abandoned road in TX - we have lots of those! take your pick! lol
    TGIF & Happy Reading, Jamie :-)

  2. G - Absolutely! I could fly to TX and then we can hop a plane to Forks!!! And I've driven on probably all of those abandoned TX roads...no fun at night either! :-)

  3. I want to visit Forks, too!! Especially if we could be bump into any of the above. hehe

    TGIF!! Jess @ Gone with the Words!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Jess...and I agree!

  5. I would be too scared to go into the harsh world of The Hunger Games! It would be quite an adventure though. I've actually been to Forks, WA and was hoping some kind of twilight-ish thing would happen,but it didn't. haha

  6. Vy - I'm so jealous! I hope to visit there one day.

  7. Forks, heck yeah! I want to nerd out and take one of those Twi-Tours!!! If Edward is there....well, I'd probably die, lol!

  8. Cyndi - Yeah, it's probably a good thing he isn't. I think if so we would all be jobless living on the streets of Forks!