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Friday, July 1, 2011

Spellbound Blog Tour Stop - Final Day!!

I'm so excited to be a part of the blog tour for Cara Lynn Shultz' YA debut, Spellbound. This was a quick read full of mystery and suspense and a certain swoon-worthy guy (who happens to be featured in a chat on this post!).

I'm also excited that my blog is the last stop on Cara's tour (btw, how cute is she in that pic? I mean, come on)!

If you'd like to visit all the other stops on the tour (which I recommend since there's a HUGE giveaway involved), then go visit the Spellbound Blog Tour page.

And if you'd like to stalk--err, follow Cara, you can do so on Facebook and Twitter!

For today's post, the gals at Kismet Book Touring asked me to do something a little different: I got to have a live chat with one of the main characters from Spellbound, Brendan Salinger (who you can also stalk on Facebook and Twitter)! Now, be forewarned...the following chat is looong, but pretty good if I say so myself! So please, read all of it so you can get a feel for what he's really like, then be sure to stick around till the end of this long post so you can get all the details on a couple of pretty awesome giveaways, okay? Good.

Now, on to the chat! (FYI: We began this chat at 6:30pm on Facebook but kept having issues with the connection...as you can see, almost an hour later--and after switching to Gmail--we were still having probs. I didn't include the FB chat on here because I wanted you all to be able to read this in a day!)

7:19 PM
me: hey you there?

brendan.salinger: HOLLA

me: okay, maybe this'll work now

brendan.salinger: Next chat will be tin cans and string or something haha

me: haha right. I'm almost afraid to ask this question again...maybe the Gods don't want me to know

brendan.salinger: Are you there?

me: but what did you think of Emma when you saw her first
ooh, that was low

brendan.salinger: Haha sorry dud

me: no, you had it right the first time

brendan.salinger: HAHA nah So Emma, I thought she was really cute. All the girls at school are all so FAKE and annoying and whatever's popular they ALL do it. No one has any originality. It's like Attack of the Clones
And Emma just looked original. And she had the necklace, which was so unique. I didn't realize it was THE necklace, it just caught my eye cause it was so big and not "trendy." I won't lie, I think she thought I was looking at her boobs.

me: Must be another show I don't watch
you prob were

brendan.salinger: Attack of the Clones is Star Wars
I mean, I might have sneaked a peek a few times

me: ah, gotcha
yeah, I bet you did
wow, can't believe I just said 'anyhoo'

brendan.salinger: Hahahaahah

me: haha
so there was an instant attraction I take it?

brendan.salinger: Right away, I thought she was cute. And she was interesting. I mean, her aunt is on the board and kind of well-known in that stupid sucky society, you know?

me: yeah

brendan.salinger: Cause of her theater background and stuff and she's well-known in those circles. She does charity stuff with my mom. And here's Emma, not acting like a snob, not acting like she's all privileged and stuff. And LYING HER FACE OFF about where she's from and being funny and honestly dude, she's just really so damn cute it kills me

me: and totally standing up to Kristin, which was a big plus

brendan.salinger: Yeah. Even though at the time I thought, "Oh you're just making yourself a target."

me: which happened

brendan.salinger: Yep.
That's cause Kristin's just jealous.

me: who wouldn't be

brendan.salinger: She's so nasty. Inside and out.

me: well that answers my question about whether or not you ever felt anything for her :)

brendan.salinger: I thought she was really interesting on sight. But it wasn't until I hung out with her that I thought I really liked her. Oh, and Kristin's jealous of Emma because Emma's prettier and nicer and funnier and smarter and doesn't need to intimidate people into being her friends.

me: Don't hold back now, tell us how you really feel

brendan.salinger: Ugh she's such a skank.

me: lol

brendan.salinger: Hahah :D

me: so you thought she was cute/interesting, but then once you got to know her you really liked her...so what was up with the cold shoulder? that was kinda harsh

brendan.salinger: I know. And I feel like a dick about it every time I think about it.
Pardon my French.

me: pardoned

brendan.salinger: But the thing is... look, I know I was kind of, um... not a Boy Scout before I met her.

me: lol yeah

brendan.salinger: I never really wanted a girl before. Not in that way lol but you know what I mean? I never felt like that before

me: yeah I get it

brendan.salinger: And I didn't know what to make of it. I mean, she was LYING to me—to everyone—about where she was from. Which I get now but I was really thrown for a loop and honestly

me: i guess so...and you were a little scared of what you were feeling for her I bet that didn't help

brendan.salinger: Yeah and also, I mean I had a rep. And I didn't want to go there with her.
She's too good for that. I kind of freaked out.

me: well that's admirable...you just went about it the wrong way

brendan.salinger: Yeah I acted like a 12 year old I know. I was stupid.

me: It's cool...you made up for it

brendan.salinger: I didn't want to just hook up with her I didn't know what she knew about me.
She SEEMED to like me, but what if I asked her out or something and then she
was all like, "Hell no."

me: you would've been crushed

brendan.salinger: First time in my life I had no idea what to do.

me: lol well you'll have plenty more of THAT happening over the next several years! lol

brendan.salinger: Oh great. Hahaha

me: lol so moving on to the necklace...once you realized what it was, what did you do?

brendan.salinger: I went to my grandfather's house—he has this big-ass library with all these old
family books and stuff and started researching it cause it's kind of become just
a joke in our family

me: oh yeah?

brendan.salinger: like if my cousin asked a girl out and got rejected

me: LOL

brendan.salinger: So I never really thought about it like that although I thought it was cool that
the Salingers have their own crest that dates back so far I was going to get a
tattoo of it

me: that is cool...like the Cullens

brendan.salinger: obvs, not doing that now.
The who?

me: LOL
Eh, nevermind

brendan.salinger: I thought it would be a better tattoo than like, a shamrock or the other stuff
Irish guys usually get

me: So now that you have Emma, and you two are together (boy are you EVER), do you still feel
it's a CURSE?

brendan.salinger: but... not so sure about that now

me: Oh yeah, WAY better
no, you're right

brendan.salinger: The thing is, it was more a curse for her. She got the raw end of it.
So yeah it was a curse. It's broken now, but it was definitely a curse. I mean, it
threatened her life. She could have died. I just..... it was a curse.

me: Yeah, that's true
Well I don't want to keep you all night...just one more quick question...
What's in store for the near future for you guys?

brendan.salinger: I'm good! Emma's at dinner with her aunt and cousin and Ashley's parents.
I'm all alone for the night lol
me: blushes& swoons Um, yeah, okay...moving on

brendan.salinger: So what's in store... this summer you mean?

me: yeah, what's planned?

brendan.salinger: I'm trying to round up some friends (and Emma of course) to do a weekend at my parents' house in the Hamptons.

me: That'll be fun

brendan.salinger: If we go with a group of friends I think her aunt will let her go otherwise I
mean, Mrs. Considine will be giving me side eye for weeks, if it's just us haha

me: lol she doesn't trust you? after everything?

brendan.salinger: To quote Emma, "She trusts you as much as she's going to trust any teenage
boy dating me."

me: yeah, that's true lol And she has thought that trouble kind of follows you I guess

brendan.salinger: Yeah. I mean, she's on the board. I don't know if she has access to my file or
what I'm sure she's looked in it.

me: oh absolutely

brendan.salinger: Oof. I CAN EXPLAIN MOST OF IT.

me: haha! no need...no judgment here lol

brendan.salinger: Nah like I said Emma keeps me out of trouble.

me: that's good...you love her, huh? I mean, truly?

brendan.salinger: Hell yeah.

me: That's great...she deserves it

brendan.salinger: She's the best.
She deserves better than me but I'm not complaining.

me: Is there better? haha

brendan.salinger: If there is I am not telling her who he is.

me: haha!
don't blame you
Just don't muck it up by ignoring her again...that hurt her.

brendan.salinger: I know. I think she's forgiven me. I'll spend every day making it up to her.

me: Oh yeah, she has. And that's a great answer!

brendan.salinger: good. you know for sure? cause sometimes I wonder. I feel like such a dick I
swear I didn't know what to think.

me: oh yeah, I know for sure ;P

brendan.salinger: I liked her SO much. And she was lying to me, but at the same time... I just
wanted to know her. But what was real? Like, what she lying to me about
other things? And I didn't just want to hook up with her. I knew I didn't just
want that. I just didn't know how to go about getting what I wanted when I
wasn't sure what i wanted. I never had a girlfriend before.

me: And yet every girl in that school/town/city/hemisphere would've DIED to be your girl...why no girlfriend?

brendan.salinger: Ugh I doubt that every girl was like that...honestly. I didn't want a girlfriend.

me: oh you'd be surprised

brendan.salinger: I never found a girl that I wanted to take it to that level with.

me: Did you NOT want one when Emma walked into your life?

brendan.salinger: I wasn't exactly looking though. I wasn't opposed to it if I met a girl that I
wanted to date like that. I just hadn't.

me: Until Emma

brendan.salinger: Yep.

me: Awesome. I'm so happy you two found each other and things are running smoothly for you

brendan.salinger: Thanks buddy. I'm looking forward to the summer with her. No school, no
stress, no snotty Vince A clones....

me: Absolutely...just that last one alone will make it a kick-ass summer! haha

brendan.salinger: Hahahaha yeah seriously. There are a few okay people on the basketball team
and some other people here and there but generally speaking man that place is
just like, where originality goes to die

me: LOL That's a unique way of putting it! I like it. I think you and Emma will change that,
though. She's the most original person I've met, and you are NOTHING like your first
impression :)

brendan.salinger: Yeah she's one-of-a-kind. I'm lucky. I know it.

me: So great of you to take some time to chat tonight...really cool of you.

brendan.salinger: NP my pleasure. like I said, Emma's busy, most of my friends are already out
of school

me: True

brendan.salinger: And went out east
Poor Brendan, all alone, lol
Nothing but L.A. Noire to keep me company

me: Aww...my heart is breaking

brendan.salinger: Thanks for keeping me company lol

me: My pleasure

brendan.salinger: The pizza delivery man is my only friend

me: Not true!
I just have to say before I go...it's REALLY AWESOME that you were so accepting of Cisco. He told Emma that you knew and were cool with it...not something you see from the popular kid, you know? That gives you major points to the rest of us. Just wanted you to know.

brendan.salinger: Thanks. I don't understand why it should be a big deal. It's like, as important to me as what shampoo someone uses.

me: Exactly. That's an awesome way of putting it

brendan.salinger: I have a couple of friends who are gay. I get why he isn't out at Vince A though.

me: Yeah, I can definitely understand that part of it.

brendan.salinger: He's a good guy. He's my lab partner in Chem.

me: He's great

brendan.salinger: He's one of the few people (besides Emma obvs) that I can stand.

me: lol

brendan.salinger: and he's hilarious.

me: Yeah he is. lol
Well, it's been real. And it's been fun. (but not real fun! haha!!)

brendan.salinger: Hahhahaaha!! Yeah it's been fun

me: yeah I'm old

brendan.salinger: thanks for keeping me company sniffle poor Brendan all alone haha

me: Don't say that...it's killing me!
Hmmm...all alone...so what are you wearing?
!! LMAO !!

brendan.salinger: Hey now, I'm underage lol

Sorry, had to do it!

brendan.salinger: LOL!!!!
I'm in my ninja outfit

me: LOL

brendan.salinger: I'm gonna text Em and see if I can take her out to brunch tomorrow.

me: That'll be nice.

brendan.salinger: If it's nice out maybe we'll hang out in my backyard. Our house has a little
garden thing in the back.

me: cool. She'll like that

brendan.salinger: She misses the water I know she grew up by the shore but at least she'll get
the sun

me: And you...which will totally make up for the lack of ocean! lol

brendan.salinger: I'll get her a kiddie pool. OMG I SHOULD DO THAT

me: LOL Yep, you should!

brendan.salinger: I'm totally doing that Jamie
Or a slip and slide, she'll love it

me: And one of those sound machines that plays waves crashing LOL

brendan.salinger: and I'll get to see her in a bikini, so basically, I win.

me: always a plus

brendan.salinger: Haha I'm gonna see if any stores are open. Where do I get a kiddie pool in NY?

me: New York HAS Kmart? lol

brendan.salinger: yeah on 34th st

me: wow, cool

brendan.salinger: and 8th street

me: yeah, Kmart'll have em

brendan.salinger: okay thanks I'll check them out that'll be funny haha. I'll get hr floaties too as a joke

me: lol that will be

brendan.salinger: even though she was a lifeguard one summer

me: LOL!! Floaties!!

brendan.salinger: I mean, she can swim
I'll say they're for me and pretend to drown in an inch of wter

me: lol

brendan.salinger: she'll have to give me mouth-to-mouth...my Saturday is going to RULE

me: Yeah, I figured that was your ultimate goal with the whole "floaties for me and pretend I'm drowning" bit...sneaky! lol

brendan.salinger: Yeah I didn't say I was going to be slick about it :)

me: lol
You guys are cute together....a perfect match

brendan.salinger: That's what I keep saying lol

me: Sorry, had to pick up one of my dogs. (my plan to have time to myself for this didn't quite go as...well...planned)

brendan.salinger: oh I love dogs!!


brendan.salinger: I want a big dog but my mother doesn't. She's afraid of the furniture.

me: Big dogs are a handful. But fun

brendan.salinger: We have a pretty big place and a yard, a little yard, but we're by a park

me: A dog would love that

brendan.salinger: but I'll be at college in a bit
not fair to get a dog and then leave it

me: ooh yeah, thats true
no, that's mean
They become attached immediately
I love it!

brendan.salinger: Maybe one day me and Emma will have a bunch of dogs

me: Aww

brendan.salinger: she's so short she can ride one of the big ones like a horse lol

me: lol!

brendan.salinger: she's not THAT short I just like telling her she is

me: I'm telling her you said that! lol

brendan.salinger: haha NOOOOO she gets mad

me: lol

brendan.salinger: All 5 foot 4 inches of fury

me: I know what that's like. My mom can be 5 foot 1 inch of fury

brendan.salinger: hahaha never anger a short woman.

me: no. never.

brendan.salinger: their anger is like, 6 times their size

me: goes back to the whole "big things in small packages"
yes it is
of course, with people calling them short (hint hint) I don't blame them

brendan.salinger: Haha I only do it when I want to see her angry face cause it's funny.
she wrinkles her nose up and opens her mouth really wide
and is all "WHAAAT?"

me: Her angry face is funny? Wow, that's a great way to look at it. lol

brendan.salinger: And I DIE laughing. Same thing when I tell her she's always late haha cause she IS

me: Another thing you're never supposed to tell women. You really HAVEN'T ever had a girlfriend. Even "I" know that! lol

brendan.salinger: She doesn't mean to be, it just happens. What am I not supposed to tell her?
That she's always late? yeah I haven't had a girlfriend.... I'm lucky Emma's patient with me.

me: Exactly

brendan.salinger: She had a boyfriend freshman year. I don't like thinking about it

me: Yeah, I can see that. And she's MORE than patient. lol

brendan.salinger: I can see where I'm a lot to take lol

me: Gee, ya think? LOL

brendan.salinger: HAHAAHAH hey wait a minute.......

me: But at least you see it

brendan.salinger: The pizza man really is my only friend

me: Not true. I'm your friend. So there. :)

brendan.salinger: okay then.

me: So now you can say "The pizza man" and "that weird guy online" are my only friends. LOL

brendan.salinger: hahahaahha
give your dog a big hug for me
post pics on FB

me: Will do...all 3 of em

brendan.salinger: I want to play with your dog!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 dogs yay

me: lol...they would love it.

brendan.salinger: my cousin has a rescue pit it's the best dog in the workd
Love her

me: well, all but the one I'm holding right now...she's a bit of a diva

brendan.salinger: she's SOOOO cute and goofy

me: I LOVE pits! They're great dogs

brendan.salinger: they're such great dogs. people are a-hles

me: exactly!

brendan.salinger: it's the people not the dog, and pits are so sweet

me: I was about to say the same thing

brendan.salinger: her dog is so sweet and she thinks she's a lap dog but she's like a pony
and she's always in my lap, it's awesome
but I cannot wear black clothing to her house

me: HAHA...love it when big dogs are like that!

brendan.salinger: cause the dog is really light and every time I leave I look like an ewok

me: They just wanna lay in your lap but they crush you! lol

brendan.salinger: all covered in fur and stuff

me: LOL
drawing mental image and laughing

brendan.salinger: I don't have a lot of light clothing and I barely have any light dressy clothing
so we went there for Christmas dinner and I was in a black suit with a black shirt and I looked RIDICULOUS

me: and the dog's white?

brendan.salinger: like a sandy color

me: ooh yeah, I bet that was nasty

brendan.salinger: I have to have like a separate wardrobe for when I go over there.

me: lol

brendan.salinger: I have a pair of like, khakis that I'll wear and I hate them but I bought them just for Easter dinner so I wouldn't look like Chewbacca

brendan.salinger: Chewbrendan

me: LOL
Wait, I maybe wouldn't say that out loud

brendan.salinger: Oh.. OHHHHHH

me: yeah

brendan.salinger: Yeah I didn't mean it THAT way lol omg

me: haha!!

brendan.salinger: this chat just got rated NC-17

me: It would only matter to those with "gutter minds"

brendan.salinger: hahahahaha

me: Well, on that note then, maybe we should call it quits

brendan.salinger: haha yeah before I embarrass myself more lol
I swear I didn't think omg

me: Cause there's only one way to go after NC-17

brendan.salinger: ahhhhhahaahahhaahha
okay buddy have a good night give your dogs a scratch from me

me: Absolutely will do. I really enjoyed chatting with ya...we'll have to do it again sometime.

brendan.salinger: yeah def
had a good time

me: have fun with L.A. Noire and "the pizza man"

brendan.salinger: now that sounds like the start of something after NC-17 LOL!!!!!!

me: LMAO!!

brendan.salinger: bow chicka bow bow

me: yeah, now I guess I'M the one not thinking. HA!

brendan.salinger: hahahahahahaha

me: that's funny
okay, I'm out

brendan.salinger: okay good night!!

me: Good night!!

Yep. Told you it was long. But it was so much fun!! Brendan was a great sport--even with the whole chat connection problem thing! Wanna get to know Brendan (and the rest of the Spellbound cast) a bit more? Then you're in luck...because we're giving away a copy of Spellbound! Simply leave a comment about something in this post and you're in! I'll announce the winner on Thursday, July 7th, right here on this blog. Easy, huh?

And in case you forgot what was mentioned at the beginning of this post (it's okay if you did), there is also a HUGE giveaway (I know, I know...even bigger than a copy of Spellbound)!

It's a Spellbound Skinned iPod Nano!! How cool is that!!

This custom, one-of-a-kind iPod also comes fully loaded with the Spellbound playlist for your listening pleasure. Don't try to hide it. I know you want it. And here's how to get it.

Each stop on the tour had a text message conversation between Brendan and Emma (I love movie quotes!) that were posted, much like the one I'm posting here as the FINAL CLUE:

click image to make it larger

In each text conversation there is a word or words that in are pink (see above), and that's what you need to collect to play along!

Here are all the official rules:
  • In order to enter to win an iPod Nano--including the Spellbound playlist and covered in a GelaSkin of Spellbound's cover art--you must collect the pink highlighted words from the text messages between Brendan and Emma that were provided each day at the individual tour stops. The daily words can be joined together in sequential order to create the winning secret message. Once you've constructed the winning secret message, you will need to enter that message on Spellbound's tour home page.
  • No purchase, affiliation, status as follower to a certain blog or any other association is required to enter.
  • Full rules for the contest can be found at the Spellbound tour home page.
  • Winner of the iPod give-away will be announced on Cara's homepage on Tuesday, July 5th.

To get all the pink words from all the text messages from all the blog tour stops, simply visit the Spellbound Tour Home Page for a complete list of all blogs involved in the tour. Then go here for the entry form. And good luck to you all!!


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