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Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Must Reads...EDEN by Keary Taylor!

Monday Must Reads! is a feature I created to showcase books that I think you, well, Must Read (ha!). And today, I truly have a Must. It's YA (of course), dystopian (love!) and oh yeah, it's self-published (awesome!).

I'm sure most of you have never heard of it, but I honestly have a feeling you will...There's just no way that a book this good can stay hidden for long! Please, feast your eyes on...

By Keary Taylor

product description from goodreads.com

Eve knew the stories of the Fall, of a time before she wandered into the colony of Eden, unable to recall anything but her name. She's seen the aftermath of the technology that infused human DNA with cybernetic matter, able to grow new organs and limbs, how it evolved out of control. The machine took over and the soul vanished. A world quickly losing its humanity isn't just a story to her though. At eighteen, this world is Eve's reality.

In their Fallen world, love feels like a selfish luxury, but not understanding what it is makes it difficult to choose between West, who makes her feel alive but keeps too many secrets, and Avian, who has always been there for her, but is seven years her senior.

The technology wants to spread and it won't stop until there is no new flesh to assimilate. With only two percent of the human population left, mankind is on the brink of extinction. While fighting to keep Eden alive, Eve will discover that being human is about what you will do for those you love, not what your insides may be made of. And even if it gets you killed, love is always what separates them from the Fallen.

Sounds great, right? Trust me, it is. I actually have a review I'll be posting on Thursday, so swing back by for that (it has some really great photos I know you all will like!). And go here to order your copy of this outstanding book!


  1. I have this book downloaded and this cover is what made me pick Keary to do the cover art for my own book. She is amazing!

  2. I remember when I first read the beginning of this book on Inkpop, before it was even finished. Fell in love with it right away!

  3. Thanks for the post! You're wonderful :)

  4. That sounds awesome! :0) Thanks for sharing!