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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tune in Tuesday (3)

Today it is once again time for Tune in Tuesdays, a really cool meme created by my friend Ginger (or "G" as I like to call her!) over at GReads! This is a super fun meme that is filled with all sorts of music sure to give you a boost of energy and make you smile.

And right now, Ginger has taken it once step further by running a Tune in Tuesdays: 90s edition! How awesome is that?! Music from the 90s was some of the best (esp. to those of us old enough to remember it as it happened!), and I'm so stoked about Tuesdays now! So please, head over to her blog and join in the fun, and enjoy my choice from the 90s this week...

More Than Words - Extreme

This is one of those songs that just takes you back, you know? Excellent harmonies, long-haired musicians, a cool black-and-white video...what more could you ask for from a 90s hit? Hope you enjoy!


  1. YES!! dude this song was epic back in the day. It was played TONS in my household. So many great memories :-)

  2. OMG I forgot about this song..I loved it and played it over and over..Thank you for reminding me of it. New Follower!

  3. This song is epic. Reminds me of the 90s and then it got played a great deal by a guitar player I knew in college in the 00s. Good memories and awesome pick.

  4. Oh my goodness, high school memories just flashed before me. LOL. This is a fun meme I think I might have to join. Thanks!

  5. Ah!! Love this song!! So epic! I still listen to it. Power Ballads FTW!

  6. My god... this song still makes me swoon. I love the guitar and lyrics.. and just everything!

  7. This takes me back! I still love this song. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love love love! I can remember blasting this song! *memories*