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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Joined a Sock Hop!! Oh wait, I meant Blog Hop

Yes, though a Sock Hop is probably oodles and oodles of fun, so is this Blog Hop! And I'm sure I don't have to tell all of you what a Blog Hop is, right? I do? Um, okay.

The Author!Author! Blog Bounce is a blog hop to meet authors and discover fun new author blogs!

Pretty simple, right? I thought so. And a big thanks to my pal @TrishWolfe for tweeting this so I could hop on board and discover some great authors and blogs!

So hop on and join in the fun everybody!


  1. Hi Jammie! Nice to have you on the hop. You can wear socks if you want. ;)

  2. Oh no! I called you Jammie--I meant Jamie (obviously) but I guess if you're going to wear fuzzy socks, may as well have the jammies too, eh?

  3. Nicki - Thanks for the welcome! And I think you're right...jammies and socks sound nice right about now! =)

  4. Hi Jamie, always a pleasure meeting new authors! I'm listed under Author Blog Bounce on the linky list because I screwed up my title. :-/ Love your blog!

  5. Hi Jamie, it's great to meet you! I didn't know there was a team Damon. I'm totally with you on that!

    Great blog!

  6. Hi Jammie, I mean Jamie *snickers* A sock hop? Dude, bring it into the 21st century! Glad you could bounce with us.

  7. Saw you mentioned on Creep Query Girl's blog. Nice to meet you.