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Monday, September 26, 2011

Indelible Blog Tour Stop!!

Today I am super excited to be a part of the blog tour for my friend Lani Woodland's sophomore YA novel, Indelible! A huge thanks to Yara at Once Upon a Twilight for hosting this great tour--and for letting me be a part of it!

And now, my review of Indelible (a book you will definitely want to read)!

By Lani Woodland

Page Count: 416

Release date: *see below

product description from goodreads.com

Yara is beginning to understand just how much her life will change now that her Waker abilities have emerged. She has come to terms with the fact that seeing ghosts is part of her life, but she isn’t ready to let being a Waker dictate her choices. All she wants is a ghost-free senior year with her boyfriend, Brent, and her best friend, Cherie.

But Yara soon discovers that there are more dark secrets in her school’s history than just the curse she broke. While an angry ghost makes Yara question everything she thought she knew about spirits, she and Brent learn that there are long reaching consequences to last year’s adventures. As new enemies emerge and old ghosts resurface, Yara finds herself in the center of another deadly mystery, and this time she has to contend with the living as well as the dead.

My Review:
(may include spoilers if you haven't read Intrinsical)

Once again, Lani Woodland has not only drawn us in with a stunning book cover (I mean, look at it) , but she has also created a story that is filled with romance and humor and mystery. Indelible is the second book in Ms. Woodland's wonderful Yara Silva Trilogy. It further tells of Yara and Brent and their growing love amidst the chaos of Yara's Waker abilities (she can see ghosts).

Yara is such a great character. In Intrinsical (book 1), we got to see Yara's fiery personality and resistance to change. With Indelible, Yara has grown so much. She is still a spitfire, but now she is much more open to the possibility of what could be. We get to see that in her relationship with Brent (who's great, btw!) and in the way she has embraced her Waker side. Such a great progression in this awesome character, Lani!

And one of the best things about Indelible? Vovo!!

Vovo is Yara's grandmother, and she's an outstanding character. Strong, determined, humorous yet stern, Vovo is the backbone to Yara's past. She epitomizes what it means to be a Waker (which can be difficult sometimes), and she pushes Yara to become her true self.

My Rating:

I am happy to give Indelible 5 stars. This second installment in the trilogy only proves that Lani Woodland is no one-hit wonder. I urge you all to run out and pick this up as soon as it's released!

**Release Update:

Due to unforeseen issues (it happens folks), the release date for Indelible has been pushed back (I know!). The ebook version will still be available tomorrow (yay!), so be sure to order that.
And go here to read the news from Lani herself, and be sure to pick up a hardcover copy when it does come out ( in addition to the ebook version that I know you're all gonna go buy tomorrow, right. Yeah, thought so. ;-P )!


  1. Great review! This sounds like a really awesome series. :)

  2. Great review Jamie. Hope to see you tomorrow at the chat.

    Thanks for participating in the tour.

  3. I'll be there! Thanks for stopping by! :)