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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Indelible Blog Tour Stop...Character This or That w/Yara!

I am more than happy to have not 1 but 2 stops on the Indelible Blog Tour for my friend Lani Woodland's sophomore YA novel, Indelible! If you missed my review on Monday, you can check it out here. And be sure to visit Once Upon a Twilight, the hosting blog, for a list of all the great posts from the tour!

Today's post was really fun. I got to ask the main character from Lani's trilogy, Yara, some quirky This or That questions...I hope you all enjoy!

1. Chips or Cookies (of course I would start with food!)
Chocolate chip cookies. Food is where I start too.

2. Beach or Snowbound
I would usually say beach but after last year . . . how about beach adjacent. I liked it when Brent made it snow last year but I'm all for the sun.

3. Book or Movie

4. (hang with) Family or Friends

5. The Vampire Diaries or The Jersey Shore (answer carefully Yara)
The Vampire Diaries. That was an easy one.

6. Sunny & Warm or Cloudy & Cool
Sunny and Warm

7. Pendrell Academy or Public School
Pendrell Academy (Cherie and Brent go there.That made it a no brainer)

8. Burgers or Pizza (it's okay if you choose both!)

9. Edward Cullen or Jacob Black (haha!)
In the movie? Jacob without a doubt. I like being warm and have you seen Brent? I like muscles.

This was so much fun! Thanks so much, Lani (and Yara!), for stopping by my blog, and everyone be sure to pick up a copy of Indelible--you won't be sorry!


  1. Indelible looks amazing! I love getting into a character's head...especially all those little details we're dying to know, but don't usually end up in a book! Very cool!

  2. I think #9 is the best answer ever. Thanks for being a part of the tour Jamie.