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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a friendly reminder for all you (wannabe) writers out there!

Anyone who is a writer knows how difficult writing a book can be. It's painful, heartbreaking, exciting, thrilling, soul-crushing...and so much more. As a famous book begins (worded a bit differently), It's the best of times, it's the worst of times. So, so true.

But exactly how does a book get written? Do magical faeries climb into a writer's head, pull out the words and drop them onto blank paper, moving them and shaping them into beautiful prose? Or maybe writers slip into states of catatonia, feverishly writing down stories in the midst of beautiful darkness?

Of course not. Nothing's that easy.

No, a book is written just as any other "job" is done: With hard work. It takes time, and patience, and skill, and creativity, and on and on and on. The list of requirements really could become endless if you let it. But above all these things, the one thing that sits higher than any other is this: Write.

Yes, it really is that easy (once you peel away all the layers of "stuff"). Simply, write. Pull out a pen/pencil and paper, or boot up your PC or Mac, and start writing. That's all it takes. That story that's rolling around in your head, competing for space with bills and kids' commitments and tonight's dinner, simply needs to be let out. So let it out already. Trust me, once you start, you won't want to stop.

And don't be scared that your work won't be as good as someone else's, or that a publisher or agent won't like it, or that you've never written anything before so you shouldn't start now. None of that matters right now. That's not the reason you wrote it all down in the first place. You write because it's thrilling and exciting. You write because it's a release for your emotions. You write because you have a story to tell. You write because you like it.

You write because you have to.

So quit reading this lame blog post and start writing...you'll be glad you did!


  1. I do write because I like it. I'm not sure I *have* to. I do know it helps me release some of my pent-up emotions, but I think I could probably find another way to do that. I don't know, it's a tricky thing for me. But I definitely need to get something else written! Yikes.

  2. And doing it because you like it is perfect! That's why I do it, too. I just know that some people say they *have* to do it (JK Rowling comes to mind). Me, I just enjoy it (like you!). And yes, you MUST get to writing more! =)

  3. Great pep talk! It's so true. This may be the push I need to get back to my edits! lol

  4. Tiffany - So glad it helped...I needed it, too! =)

  5. If I said this post made me cry would that make me lame? Lol WONDERFUL and inspirational post to all of us out there who share with you the need to write <3

  6. Lynn - Absolutely not! I'm glad that you found it helpful. I wrote it more for myself, but I just knew there were people out there who felt the same way!