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Friday, September 2, 2011

TGIF over at GReads!

The awesomeness that is Ginger (or G, as I like to call her) over at GReads! has created a great meme that is tons of fun. Each Friday, she poses a question for anyone to answer. Go check her out and join in!

This Friday's Question:

Making a Difference:

Which book(s) would you put
in the hands of today's teenagers
in hopes of making a difference
in their lives?

This question is a difficult one for me to answer, because I don't like pushing any sort of thought system or ideology onto anyone else. But, I do feel that there are certain books everyone should read, just for the sake of reading a good book. So, I'm going to round-about answer today's question, by showcasing a couple of books everyone (teens included) should read at least once.

And of course, if you know me, you know what my first choice is going to be. That's right, only my favorite book ever.

By Harper Lee

This book is pure genius. Superbly written with a timeless message, To Kill A Mockingbird transcends race, religion, moral ethics and every other social epitaph we are labeled with. It is, quite simply put, a literary masterpiece that I think every person should read.

A Child Called It
By Dave Pelzer

I have to start by saying that this book is disturbing, and definitely isn't for everyone...though I honestly think every person alive should read it.

A Child Called It
is a recount of one man's journey through a morbidly sadistic life of child abuse. I won't go into details as to what abuse he suffered--just know it was worse than you think. But the book opens your eyes to what truly goes on when a child is abused--both physically and psychologically--and forces you to look at the epidemic of child abuse differently. After reading it, I felt both sick and outraged, and it stuck with me for a long time after.

Of course there are countless other books that I could recommend to anyone to read, but these two stand out in my mind as having such powerful messages. If you've never read either of these, then please run out and get a copy now! lol


  1. A Child Called It was discussed in one of my teaching courses last term. It was highly recommended that it should be read. I have not done so yet, but I've been told it's definitely heavy.

  2. G - Oh yeah, it's heavy. Painful to read and I don't even have children, so I can imagine what it must be like for parents to read. But everyone should really read it...very powerful.

  3. To Kill A Mockingbird is a book I am ashamed to admit I have not read. It was not required in school for me and I just never got to it after. I am going to have to make this a priority! I am with Ginger on A Child Called It, I do not think my heart can take it. I am not sure I will ever be strong enough to read it, especially since I have 2 children. Thanks for sharing these choices!

  4. Shannon - You must read TKAM...I DEMAND it! lol
    And yes, A Child Called It is difficult to get through, so I can imagine as a parent it would be worse! The only reason I recommend it is because it gives you a child's view of abuse, which I think is valuable to our society to help stop it, you know?

  5. Both are great books to recommend for teen reading. mine: http://sidnebkclubreviewz.blogspot.com

  6. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the best books ever written. Good choice.

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