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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tune in Tuesday (6)

Today it is once again time for Tune in Tuesdays, a really cool meme created by my friend Ginger (or "G" as I like to call her!) over at GReads! This is a super fun meme that is filled with all sorts of music sure to give you a boost of energy and make you smile.

My choice today is a song that I listen to literally every day (yeah, I'm like that). I don't really know what it is, but there's something about the music and the lyrics and the voice that sort of inspire me and help keep my head in my fictitious world where it needs to be! I'm sure some of you have heard of this group (if not necessarily this song), but for those of you who haven't, please enjoy...

Muse - Time Is Running Out


  1. I think Muse is a popular band for literary junkies ;-) Their songs are like stories themselves. Great pick, Jamie.

  2. Cant go wrong with a little daily Muse Jamie!

  3. I love Muse. Their stuff is full of drama. I can see why it helps you write. Great pick.

  4. Ahh muse. An appropriately name band!

  5. MUSE! One of my all-time favorite bands... Loved them since their debut album & this is definitely on of my favorites songs they've released! NICE! :)

    My Tune in Tuesday pick!

  6. Oh... oops. I apologize for the typos. lol!

  7. Have heard Muse, just not this one. Great pick!!