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Friday, October 28, 2011

TGIF over at GReads!

The awesomeness that is Ginger (or G, as I like to call her) over at GReads! has created a great meme that is tons of fun. Each Friday, she poses a question for anyone to answer. Go check her out and join in!

This Friday's Question:

Spooktacular Reads:

Which books do you consider
festive Halloween reads?
Which stories have chilled you
to the bone?

Excellent question, G! And how fitting that it's the Friday before Halloween. Did you plan that, G? ;) So, a list of scary, spooky, bone-chilling books? Why, my pleasure.

The first on my list is one that really scared me the first time I read it. And when I saw the movie? Forget it. It still freaks me out. It's none other than...

by Stephen King

(I used the movie image because the clown creeps. me. out.)

Okay, so this book is a must for horror fans. It's creepy and scary and creepy and scary and...yeah, you get the idea. To this day, I don't particularly care for clowns. I trace that origin back to this book.

The Scariest Stories You've Ever Heard

by Mark Mills & Richard Kriegler

I know most of you probably have never heard of this book, or the sequels, but when I was a kid, this one scared the crap out of me! It's a collection of scary, creepy short stories all compiled for your reading pleasure. And I can remember being a bit freaked out at some of them!

by Mary Shelley

This is right up there with To Kill A Mockingbird as one of my favorite books. It was required reading in high school, but I didn't mind, because it is such a great book! I know some people would classify it as horror, but to me it's just a great read with some scariness thrown in!

Like all of you, this list could have gone on for days and days. But none of us have time for that, right? What about you? Any books that scared the mess out of you?

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


  1. These are great choices! My favorite book ever is The Stand by Stephen King. I am such a chicken though that I have not read any of his scarier books. I did read Salems Lot though. I hope I can overcome my scaredy cat ways and read IT one day!

    I don't think I have ever actually read Frankenstein. Isn't it strange how stories become part of our culture to the point that I know what it is about even though I have never read it or seen the movie? I did listen to a podcast once about Mary Shelley though and learned that she wrote the book as part of a challenge with other writers. I can't remember the whole story now, but I was fascinated by her. I should really add this to my TBR list! Thanks!

  2. Oh no, here's where I have to admit that I am too chicken to read scary books! :-) I watch scary movies from behind a blanket too. What a wimp!

  3. I just had to quickly scroll down this blog post because THAT picture up there freaks me the hell out to this day!! Seriously. I watched IT when I was a kid (btw - wtf is wrong with my mother?!) and I had nightmares for MONTHS.

  4. I don't think I could ever handle reading it. I might give Dracula a chance, someday...

  5. I cannot look at that poster of It for too long - it creeps me out. Clowns always did after that movie.

  6. I'll have to say I'm more a a horror movie watcher than a horror story reader.

    I do tend to read the stories behind some great films, like The Shining, but I do that for other genres too.