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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Donate for a friend...and you could win books!

My good friend and awesome blogger Yara (check out her blog, Once Upon A Twilight, and follow her on Twitter @TwilightsDance) and her family recently lost their home and almost everything else in a fire. Thankfully everyone was safe, but they will be dealing with a lot of stress over the coming months.

You can help alleviate that stress a bit by donating to the fund set up by Twilight Moms. Every penny raised goes directly to Yara and her family, to help them rebuild after the devastation.

And if you check out my friend Lani Woodland's blog, LaLaLand, you'll see that Lani, Angela Corbett, Brenda Pandos, Kristie Cook and I are holding a giveaway for everyone who donates. There are books and swag up for grabs, so please check it out...and most importantly, donate anything you can for Yara!