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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obligatory Dream Cast post

Yes, you read that correctly. Today I wanted to have a bit of fun...and what better way than to imagine who I would like to play the characters from my own book on the big screen!

So without further ado...cue the hotness.

Oliver Goodwill as Chance 

Chance was very difficult to cast. He had to have a certain look (this guy has it), but he also had to have those vibrant green eyes that Ava can't look away from (this guy doesn't have those, but his are nice!). 

Matt Dallas as Erik 

Erik was much easier to cast--and Matt Dallas fits him perfectly. Dark hair, blue eyes (though a bit gray in this photo, but I ain't complainin!), mysterious aura. Perfect.

Danielle Panabaker as Ava

Ava was another easy one to cast, because from the moment Ava came to me, Danielle Panabaker is the face I saw. There's just something both innocent and bad-ass about her look, and that same mixture comes across on-screen as well--she is Ava to me.

Milo Ventimiglia as Aldric

Milo is sort of like Danielle in that he has that innocent/bad-ass thing going on, which works well for Aldric (though he's not really innocent, lol).

Chris Zylka as Sebastian

This is 100% Sebastian. Wavy blond hair, chiseled features, a bit of evil thrown in--Sebastian.

Lacey Chabert as Kayla

Though she's too old now, younger Lacey perfectly captures the character of Kayla--sweet, tough and innocent all rolled into one.

Megan Fox as Lila

Though she doesn't quite look the same now (a bit of work done, I believe), Megan Fox is the perfect blend of beautiful and powerful--exactly like Lila.

Well, that's it guys. These are the faces I saw when writing BLOOD BORN. Thoughts? Possible cast changes? Lemme know!


  1. What a great cast! I cant wait to read Bloodborn..and who knows Jamie maybe one day we will be watching it on the big screen!

  2. Awesome cast picks, Jamie! I seriously can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Bloodborn!!

  3. I always picture Ava has part Latino... don't know why but that's the girl in my mind.......
    The rest is everyone though! totally agree with Lacy Chabert!!!

  4. How odd... that really doesn't look like Megan Fox...

    Looks like a great cast. Looking forward to reading :)

  5. I was writing a book and Matt Dallas was the character Erik in it! How weird!