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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tune in Tuesday at GReads!

It's been a while since I've hopped on the Tune in Tuesday bandwagon sponsored by the awesome Ginger at GReads!, so I thought I would kick off my return with my current (and most likely long-lasting) fave song. I know everyone who turns on the radio has heard it, so it's not gonna be a surprise. But I seriously love it, so I'm picking it!

Someone Like You - Adele

Adele's voice is haunting, mesmerizing, soulful...really, I could go on and on. She is one of those singers who can reach inside you with her voice and grab you, squeezing you tightly and filling you with emotion. She's amazing! And since I'm currently in the midst of some angsty, soulful scenes in my current WIP, this song is played daily by yours truly. 

I hope you enjoy, and be sure to visit the other stops on Ginger's Tune in Tuesday meme here!


  1. OMG! LOVE this song. So beautiful. Great pick and welcome back to Tune In! :D

  2. ahhhh Adele. I used one of her songs this week too :)

    That Bookish Girl

  3. I really love this song. My cousin and I have been listening to this almost everyday the past two weeks also. Love that you picked this!

  4. I love Adele her lyrics really hit home <3