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Monday, February 27, 2012

A post where I update you on my writing

On the off-chance anyone stuck around after reading that lame-o title, today's post is gonna be a simple one. Just thought, in case some of you might be interested, that I would let you know where I stand on my current writing projects. Fun, right?! 

Ahem...moving on.

Jamie Manning's Current Writing Projects 
(thought it might sound better with a title. Okay, moving on again)

Blood Prophecy Trilogy - Book 2
           First draft done (yay!) 
           Round 1 edits received (yay!) 
           Round 1 edits hiding in drawer, totally being ignored (yay!)
                *sidenote: don't panic, I'll get to them...one day :)

Sekrit Projekt 1 (Trilogy)
          Dystopian (yay!)
          Book 1 Plotted (yay!)
          Chapter One written (yay!)
          That is all (boo!)
                *sidenote: no worries here either...I'm working on it! 

Sekrit Projekt 2 (stand-alone)
          YA Contemporary (yay!)
          Early stages of plotting (yay!)
          Few scenes written (yay!)
                 *sidenote: super excited about this one (yay!), wish I had oodles of time to work on it (boo!)

So there you have it, what I'm working on as of late. Admittedly, I am a HUGE procrastinator who seems to work much more quickly when under pressure, so hopefully I can get one of these assigned to a contract (perhaps Sekrit Projekt 1? hmm...) so I'll be forced to write! 


  1. Keep at it Jamie! And seriously can't wait for Blood Born!

  2. Congrats!! I look forward to reading Blood Prophecy book 2 and your Sekrit Projects.