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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spellcaster Blog Tour!!

I am super excited that today I am a stop on the SPELLCASTER Blog Tour! A huge thanks to Cara Lynn Shultz and Kismet Book Touring for letting me be a part of it, and share with my followers the second installment in a great YA series!
First up, a bit of info about the book: From Goodreads

Finding your eternal soulmate - easy. 

Stopping a true-love-hungry evil - not so much…

After breaking a centuries-old romantic curse, Emma Connor is (almost) glad to get back to normal problems. Although...it's not easy dealing with the jealous cliques and gossip that rule her exclusive Upper East Side prep, even for a sixteen-year-old newbie witch. Having the most-wanted boy in school as her eternal soul mate sure helps ease the pain-especially since wealthy, rocker-hot Brendan Salinger is very good at staying irresistibly close....

But something dark and hungry is using Emma and Brendan's deepest fears to reveal damaging secrets and destroy their trust in each other. And Emma's crash course in ├╝ber-spells may not be enough to keep them safe…or to stop an inhuman force bent on making their unsuspected power its own.

Purchase SPELLCASTER on Amazon B&N Indiebound

And a bit about the author herself:

Cara Lynn Shultz’s love of supernatural writing began when she was 7 and wrote a play about ghosts, which she and her friends acted out on her grandparents’ porch. Since then, her work has appeared in Teen People, Alternative Press, Stuff, InStyle, Us Weekly, The Guardian UK and countless posts on Facebook and Twitter. She is a proud graduate of Fordham University and is currently a senior editor at PEOPLE.com. Cara lives in her native New York City with her husband, tuxedo cat and 8 million other people. Spellbound is her first novel.

Find more on Cara at her Website Goodreads Facebook Twitter

And now, as a special treat for my lovely followers (that's you!), a guest post from the male lead in the SPELLBOUND series, Brendan Salinger!

Hey Jamie! Thanks for having me back—so I guess I'm picking a theme song for Angelique, huh? This is kind of tough, I won't lie. I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever Angelique picked for me is something really offensive, like Ludacris's "Area Codes" or LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." I know what she thinks of me. It's something even worse, isn't it? Can't someone give me a hint what she picked for me? Is it Bieber? If it's Bieber just…cut my ears off. Please.

Even though I'd love to pick something funny, I promised myself that I wouldn't go with a song that Angelique would find offensive. It would make Emma unhappy—and that wouldn't exactly be the most respectful thing I could do. So I'm not even going to pick something pop because I’d never hear the end of it. Although, you have to admit, how funny would it be if I made Angelique's theme song something by Britney Spears? Or Ke¢ha?

So, I'm going to remember that Angelique is one of my girlfriend's closest friends and even though she and I aren't exactly about to hang out or share inside jokes, we've reached something of an uneasy truce. Truthfully, the animosity has always been more on her side than on mine. I honestly thought it was cool that she rose above the whole social caste system at Vince A. And then she started making my life difficult.

So I'm going with a song that I think Angelique can relate to. It's not from The Nightmare Before Christmas, even though I'm sure she'd probably love it and already knows all the words. (Come on, Jamie. You know she does.) I don't think she listens to a lot of punk rock—but she should. She prides herself on being anti-establishment, anti-conformity—hell, she goes to extra trouble to make sure that she doesn't fit in. So, I thought she would like this song, and relate to the music.

"Role Model" by H20. This is from their 2001 album, Go. A lot of people complained about this being on a major label but this was an awesome album. Anyway, it's all about feeling discontented by the world around you, so you resolve to make your own way, kind of cut your own path through life. I figured Angelique would appreciate the sentiment. She does her own thing, and I respect that. And if she hates it, sorry Angelique. Maybe I should have picked a Britney song instead.

Haha! I laughed out loud several times, Brendan...nicely done! Brendan is the best, really. I had the pleasure of doing a live chat with him for the SPELLBOUND tour last year, and he is a real riot. You can view that post here if you'd like!

And here's the video for the awesome Role Model by H20!

Now, on to the good stuff--the giveaways!

Cara has been super kind in offering the followers of each tour stop the chance to win not one but two prizes! (she's too sweet!)

Simply follow the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post for a chance to win a final copy of SPELLCASTER! (a copy is being given away at each tour stop, so visit them all!)

Cara is also offering up the coolest prize EVER--an iPod Nano, complete with a wicked cool SPELLCASTER skin! Look at it...

Isn't that awesome?! Man, I wish I could win it! At the end of the tour a Rafflecopter will be up at the tour stops where you have to enter a question concerning one character of SPELLCASTER. Follow the Tour and you'll be able to answer the question easily!

Tour Dates:
Monday  March, 19th - My Cute Bookshelf 
Wednesday, March, 21st - Mundie Mom's
Friday, March, 23rd -  VerbVixen

Monday, March 26th - Book and A Latte
Tuesday, March 27th -Book Birthday! - a href="http://readmebookmarkmeloveme.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">Read Me, Bookmark Me, Love Me 
Wednesday, March 28th - Miss Page Turner's City of Books
Friday, March 30th - writers write, right? 

Monday April 2nd - Alice Marvel's
Wednesday, April 4th- Paranormal Wastelands
Friday, April 6th - Fiktshun

Visit the SPELLCASTER Tour Page at Kismet Book Touring for more info.

http://www.rafflecopter.com" target="_blank" style="font:10px sans-serif;color:#999;width:100%;text-align:center;display:block;" id="rpow-0dc57836">a Rafflecopter giveaway  


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    Great post!

    <3 Brendan

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    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

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    Love the scavenger hunt, and that I discover so many new authors.

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