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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Line Thursdays...Week 3!

Since I have officially passed the two month mark until the release of my very first novel (holy crap, it's less than 2 months!!), I thought that a really neat idea would be to give a few teases to you guys from said novel. Fun, huh?! Hold applause.

So, I created Three-line Thursdays!

It's simple, really. Every Thursday between now and the release of BLOOD BORN, I'm going to tease you guys with three random lines from the book! I'll treat this just like Teaser Tuesdays, by turning to random pages and selecting three lines (take that, two-line Tuesdays!).

The vampire was on top of her, his fangs inches from her neck and dripping deadly venom. She was doing her best to hold him off, but I could see through the haze of my concussion that he was inching closer and closer to her, and she was rapidly growing tired from trying to fight him. It would only be seconds before his teeth made contact with her skin.



  2. Ha, a two-for! I read the lucky 7 meme too. Both sound intriguing.