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Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 8 of my Blog Tour...plus Review: OBSIDIAN by Jennifer L Armentrout!

First up, it's Day 8 of the BLOOD BORN Blog Tour, hosted by the fantastic Yara at Once Upon A Twilight!
Please head over to A Book Lover's Review and check it out! 

And as promised in the title...a review!

by Jennifer L Armentrout
pub date May 15, 2012 (paperback version; ebook already released)

Normally I do a typical review, complete with highs and lows and things I loved and things I didn't. But for OBSIDIAN, it would really be pointless. It would just be filled with gushing words of praise over an outstanding novel. ;P
So I've decided instead to give you a description of the best thing about the book...Daemon!

Over the top, grade-A jerk. 
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Did I say beautiful?
Smart-ass, through and through. 
Intense stares that cut through everything. (did it get warm in here?)
Delirium-inducing make-out skills. Seriously. (yep, definitely warmer in here.)
Insanely good at kissing. Did I say that already? Ahem. Moving on.
Afraid to be honest of his true feelings for Katy. Which makes you love him more.
Not scared to fight for those he loves. At All.

So there you have it--a short, sweet, to-the-point recap of what's most important about Armentrout's Lux Series debut. 
Oh, and there's lots of fighting and danger and funny. 
But that's just gravy.


  1. That was awesome! Love it! One of the best "reviews" I've read. Hehe :-) Oh Daemon...*sigh*

  2. I agree it is awesome! Now I want to go and buy the book :) exited.

  3. Perfect review!!! I had a hard time with this one myself. Just wanted to gush and talk about Daemon! And oh my that make out scene!!!

  4. I LOVED Obsidian! (and Onyx is even better!):) Loved your review! :P

  5. Obsidian is the first book I have EVER read that had an alien as one of the main characters. And I loved what the author did with their powers. How they are, essentially, beings of light. Just that alone ended up making me like Daemon even more. He is so different from most male leads you read today. He, for me, is right up there with Four(Divergent) and Edward Cullen. But, to be honest, I think Daemon is my favorite of all. He's a bad boy that you can't help but like. He has everything, the good looks, the smart mouth, an infuriating attitude, but he also has the softer side too. The side that draws most of us in.