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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You got questions? Ask away!

My friend DJ DeSmyter posted on his blog today asking for questions to be answered in a "live" vlog while we are at BEA next week. And since I'll be joining him in that vlog (my first one!), I thought I would "steal" his idea (thanks, DJ!) and post it here, in case any of my lovely followers might have questions about the publishing world or writing or whatever else they'd like answered! 

The vlog will be Wednesday June 6th from 4-5pm at the Pendrell Publishing Booth 2054, and you'll have the opportunity to tweet us questions via @pendrellpublish. And we will do our best to answer those questions for ya!  

But if you have a question in mind now, leave it here, and I'll add them to our list!


  1. I want to know what time of day do you like best to write? Do you eat/drink certain things while writing? And where do your characters come from?

    Sorry you asked me? Heehee


  2. My question is: Why are all the Pendrell writers just full of AWESOMESAUCE?

    Cant wait to see you all next week!!!