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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Tour Stop...HOLLOWED by Kelley York!

Today I am SUPER excited to be a stop on the blog tour for Kelley York's newest novel, HOLLOWED! 

I had the esteemed pleasure of being a part of the cover reveal last month as well, and I also was given an eARC to prepare for the tour (you can be jealous now). And I couldn't be happier about this book! Here's the goodreads description, followed by my review!

by Kelley York
pub date 8/15/2012

product description from goodreads.com

All 18-year-old Briar Greyson wanted was to figure out this whole living-away-from-your-parents thing. Apartment, steady job, cool roommate? Check. Noah, her adorable (albeit elusive) boyfriend? Check. Everything in the life of Briar was pretty good.

Then she and her roommate are attacked on their way home one night. Briar wasn't supposed to survive.

Instead, according to the two guys who saved her, she's turning into the things that attacked her: a vampire. Totally crazy and Not Okay. Now Noah's secrets are coming to light, and he wants Briar dead. Then there are the vampires who attacked Briar to lure out her sister.

Her sister...who died years ago.

(Didn't she?)

The city's body count is rising, and Briar wants to help put a stop to it. But first, she has to figure out who the real enemy is: the vampires, the boy she loves, or the sister she thought she'd lost. 

My Review:

When I first discovered the outstanding talent that is Kelley York, it was in the form of her debut novel HUSHED (Entangled Publishing). I fell instantly in love not only with the characters, but also with Kelley's writing style and her amazing ability to tell a beautiful story. Which was why I jumped at the chance to read her latest work--and was also why I wasn't disappointed.

HOLLOWED is the first installment in The Half Light Saga, a classic paranormal told with great humor, tension and style. It's filled with vampires and shifters and snark and danger, and I loved every single page. The main character, Briar Greyson, is a fun, quirky, tough-as-hell heroine who doesn't let being turned into a vampire slow her down. She's fiercely loyal to those she loves, to the point of risking her own life (unlife?) to make sure they're spared. It doesn't always work out that way, unfortunately, which only fuels Briar's agenda.

With a supporting cast of characters--including a shape-shifter who makes the cutest cat ever!--and high-stakes tension that leads to a surprise ending, HOLLOWED is definitely an explosive start to what promises to be a thrilling saga.

My Rating:

I happily give HOLLOWED 5 Stars, and urge all of you vampire and paranormal lovers to pick up a copy of this exciting novel!

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