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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

Today marks eleven years since 9/11. Wow. It's so amazing and crazy how time moves when you're not paying attention, huh? I'm sure like most everyone, it feels like yesterday when I watched the events of that day on TV, numb and scared and in shock. But it wasn't yesterday. 

It was eleven years ago.

Eleven years, and yet the feelings I had from that day can come rushing back just like new. If I let them, they'll make me sad and depressed and hating the world, just like I did on 9/11. I could easily wallow in despair today, cry and ask Why? like I did all those years ago.

But I'm not gonna let that happen.

I'm gonna fight those feelings, like I have every year since that day. I'm gonna remember the love and bravery and triumph that came out of those horrible events. I'm gonna remember the lives lost all across our nation, both the victims and the heroes.

I'm gonna remember...

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  1. that is awesome.. we have to be prideful when it comes to this nation. And remebering the heroes of that day will forever be engraved in my mind and heart. remember the families of those that lost their loved ones that day, and they live that day,every day.. my heart and prayers are with these people...