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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Release Day, David James! Plus an interview & giveaway!

Let me start this post by saying Happy Release Day to David James! His debut novel, LIGHT OF THE MOON, is out today! 

I've yet to read LOTM (I will soon!), but the description sounds awesome--and that cover is gorgeous, see?

David was gracious enough to answer a few questions, so I won't dilly-dally any longer...on to the interview! (p.s.--stick around, cause there's a giveaway at the end!)

1. Welcome, David, to my little corner of the Blogosphere! So, your debut novel LIGHT OF THE MOON comes out today! (cue the band!). I know all too well the level of nervous excitement you're going through right now. Can you tell us what's the number one thing you're most anxious about when it comes to your novel being in others' hands?
Woo! Thanks, Jamie. I wasn’t nervous until I READ THAT QUESTION! Kidding, kidding. Like you know, it is both very exciting and very nerve-racking to release a book. I’m so thankful for the amount of supportive and enthusiasm I’ve gotten from the writing and blogging communities. I guess the one thing I’m most anxious about is this: The. Font. In LIGHT OF THE MOON there are a few different font styles that play throughout the book, and it’s really only in the paperback version that you can see this. Because poetry is so important to this story, I wanted each “voice” to have a separate feel, and sometimes I used fonts to do this. So, get the paperback if you can! Plus, the paperback edition includes special extras that the e-book does not.
2. You went the Self-publishing route for LOTM, a venue that is gaining speed at a crazy rate. Did you try the "traditional" way first (be it seeking an agent or small press), or did you know going in that you wanted to publish this novel on your own? 
Yes and no. For years I’ve been impressed with authors who have self-published.  Authors like Keary Taylor, Shelly Crane, and Michelle Leighton have really changed the self-publishing industry for the better. I did query several agents, got many emails of interest, but nothing stuck. Agents have a lot on their plates and sometimes it’s difficult to get your message across the first time around. More than anything, I wanted to get my story into the hands of readers, so I decided to take this road.
3. Your amazing cover was created by the equally amazing Keary Taylor (LOVE her!). Did you have much input as to the final product, or was it more of you gave her an idea of what you wanted and she went with it?
I’m so thrilled with how the cover turned out. Keary Taylor is truly as talented as a designer as she is an author, and I was so fortunate to be able to work with her. The cover design was a mutual effort, though I won’t pretend to have the talent Keary does for things like this. When you read the story, however, you’ll see just how much the cover actually reflects the words inside. All of the pretty is because of Keary Taylor, and I couldn’t be happier!
4. Just from the LOTM description, I get the sense that the ultimate story here is one of love. Is that something you always have strived/will strive for in your writing, to focus on love and the power it holds?
Yes! For some reason, I’ve always had this idea in my head that every single thing can be related back to love. I still believe that. For LIGHT OF THE MOON I wanted to create a world that was completely magical and paranormal and dangerous, but also was upon the idea that love is the root of it all. The idea of love is important in LIGHT OF THE MOON, but you’ll also see that finding and keeping love are two very different things in this world. And things get dangerous. 
5. What's the main message you hope readers have after reading LIGHT OF THE MOON? 
I love how you worded this question. The main message I hope readers take from LIGHT OF THE MOON is this: Hope. In fact, the last word in LIGHT OF THE MOON is “hoped.” Because this is a story that deals with so much danger resulting from love, I wanted to leave the reader with the knowledge that love may conquer all, but it’s hope that keeps most things alive.
6. Now that LOTM is out in the world, are you doing what so many of us do and wishing you could go back and change anything, or are you happy and content with the finished product?
Oh. My. Goodness. You’re killing me here, Jamie! I’m very happy with the final product (I mean, did you see the cover!?). I do think it’s interesting how I keep thinking about the world of Calum and Kate, and how it keeps expanding. I’m excited to work on the sequel, and I’m interested to see which characters the readers love and hate, and who they want back!
7. Do you have a certain time/place you do your writing, or do you take what you can get, lol?
I write all the time. All. The. Time. Mostly, I do a lot of writing in the morning and late at night. There’s this weird thing that happen mid-day when I refuse to do much of anything. Also, if I don’t have a book to read on the side, I find that I don’t get much writing done.
8. The world of writing is so subjective, as we all know. What's one book that the world has seemingly embraced that you just didn't care for or find as interesting?
I try to finish all books, though the more I read the more I find that sometimes you just can’t. The hardest books for me to read are non fiction. Textbooks. For whatever reason, I can’t finish anything like that is supposed to teach me things. I guess we all learn differently. Find knowledge in different places.

9. Who or what inspires you to keep going with your writing?
So many things. I think music and movies are the two things that inspire me most. I love how those two things can create vivid moments in only a few minutes and then stay with you forever.
10. And finally, a question I ask all interviewees: You've been invited to meet your absolute favorite author. Who would that be, what one question would you ask him or her, and what would your answer to that question be?
Maggie Stiefvater. After I fainted twice, I’d ask her “What is the one thing that inspires you most to be such a lyrical writer?” My response to that question would be “Life.”
Thanks, David, you're the best!
Thanks, Jamie! I’m so happy to be a part of your blog for today.

In honor of his release, David is offering up an ebook of LIGHT OF THE MOON! Simply comment on this post sometime before midnight Wednesday to enter--and it's INTERNATIONAL! I'll pick a winner and announce on Thursday!


  1. Haha, Thanks Jamie! I had such a great time doing this interview. I love all the pictures. =)

  2. I am seriously so excited for you David! And I have to admit, your compliments brought a few tears to my eyes. Thank you. And I'm not commenting to enter Jamie, I'm forcing David to send me a signed copy himself ;-) But everyone needs to enter!

    1. Thanks, Keary! Signed copy on the way. =)

  3. The book sounds amazing. I love Keary Taylor and value her opinion so I am really looking forward to reading Light of the Moon.

  4. On the advice of Keary, I'm entering. ;)

  5. did the giveaway get canceled?