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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thank You just isn't enough

Thank You.

Two words used to let someone know you appreciate what they did. 

Whether a friend gives you a ride to work, or your mom invites you over for dinner, or a co-worker offers to stay late so you can go home because you've had a raging cold--Thank You tells that person..."You're the best." 

So today, I am saying a huge Thank You.

To everyone who donated books and swag and critiques and edits and Skype calls.

To everyone who bid and bid and bid.

To everyone who offered up their skills in designing or auctioneering to help out.

To everyone who Tweeted and Re-Tweeted and Blogged and Facebooked and spread the word on any other social media site.

To everyone...



  1. <3 It wouldn't have happened if you hadn't set it up! Thanks, Jamie! <3