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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Three Line Thursdays--Week 2!

In case you might not know it, the second book in my debut series comes out in less than three months (yay!). And keeping with tradition, I'm bringing back Three Line Thursdays to help celebrate!

What exactly is Three Line Thursdays? It's simple, really. Every Thursday between now and the release of BLOOD AWAKENING, I'm going to tease you guys with three random lines from the book! I'll treat this just like Teaser Tuesdays, by turning to random pages and selecting three lines (take that, two-line Tuesdays!). Fun, right?!

He flashed away then, his vampire super-speed something to behold, and I was left standing alone in the cemetery, with nothing but the memory of his hand on my face and a once-broken heart that had just gotten its first stitch toward repair. Chance still loved me, no doubt about it. Now the question was…did I love him enough to give him my life?

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