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Friday, June 7, 2013


I guess I could kind of say this is a title reveal, too, since I never officially posted it (writer fail). But more importantly, I'm super excited to reveal the cover for the final book in the Blood Prophecy Trilogy, BLOOD REVELATION! (note: the actual book doesn't release for...a while--like, 2014!--but I just had to share the cover now.)

And since I'm not one to digress, here it is:

Whatcha think? Personally, I love it. The best thing about it is the growth of Ava from the first cover to this one. See the first two?

Each cover has shown the change Ava makes inside the book, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks a million, Brian!

Be sure to check out the awesome folks listed below, who were kind enough to help share in my joy today. Love you guys!

And I simply have to say a HUGE thanks to all of you who have graciously picked up a copy of the first two books and read them. Without you, this third book would never have even gotten a cover, so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And be sure to add all my books to your TBR lists over on Goodreads, and stay tuned for the release of BLOOD REVELATION, coming soon!

Oh, and as an added bonus, I'm giving away a hardback copy of the first book in the trilogy, BLOOD BORN! To enter, simply comment below with your thoughts on the cover (good or bad, I won't be offended. Much. ;-P) It's US only (sorry, International Peeps), and I'll pick a winner on Monday (hopefully I won't forget!).

Thanks all!


  1. OOO, I LOVE it Jamie! My favorite of the lot!

  2. Congrats! Cover reveals are so exciting. While it's very blue, it is pretty. =)

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