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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just a reminder that I have books out!

Lame-o title aside, I just wanted to post a reminder that the first two books in my Blood Prophecy trilogy are out now, in case you might wanna read 'em. If you don't, maybe you have a table or bed that's a bit lopsided and you're in desperate need of a good sturdy hunk of paper to put underneath for stability? Either way, go grab a copy of...

Book One in The Blood Prophecy trilogy

Book Two in The Blood Prophecy trilogy

Note: If you order from the Pendrell site, I'll be able to sign them for you! :-)

And coming soon...

Book Three in The Blood Prophecy trilogy

And in case you might've missed them, here are the trailers for the first two books, done by the absolutely amazing Brian L. Butler. Seriously, he's superb.

BLOOD BORN trailer


Oh, and I also happen to have another book scheduled for release. It's a YA dystopian (yep, just call me Mr. Behind-the-Times) and you can add it to your TBR lists on Goodreads if you'd like. Check out GENERATION Z right here. And I promise I'll have a cover and description up soon. Hopefully. Fingers crossed on that one. ;-)

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