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Friday, June 13, 2014

i've been tagged! bloghop--my writing process

The lovely Heather Rebel has tagged me as part of a bloghop, and, as part of my 2014 Resolution To Write More, I'm happy to join in!

What am I working on?

 At the moment, I'm focusing most of my writing time (little bit, though there may be) on one particular wip, BOXED. It's ya and fun and romantic (at least, I think so) and I'm having a blast getting to know the characters. I'm a bit nervous in this new genre, but that's what creativity is all about, right? Reaching out to see what you might like.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Uh, because I'm writing it, duh! Lol
I don't think this work will stand out too much from the genre, other than maybe for the fact that even though the MC is gay, that fact is in no way the focus of the story. It's about love and loss and moving on when you think you don't deserve it. 

Why do I write what I write?

Well, typically I love writing paranormal, but my current WIP (the one I'm focusing on, anyway) is a contemporary. Which is a huge departure for me--and scary as Hades! But, as I said, I'm loving it. I can only hope I do the story justice in the end.

How does my writing process work?

Oh man, this one is a toughie. A year or so ago, I could easily answer this by saying I would sit down at my computer every night and churn out words. Because I did (I was on a deadline, so that helped). But now, with work and going back to school (yeah, I felt I had three extra minutes of free time, so I filled that right up!), my "process" consists of fitting in writing time whenever possible. I've also been known to pull out my nifty little digital recorder on occasion (mainly when making my hour commute to and from school) and get some ideas/scenes down that way. Hey, whatever works, I say!

And now, time to pass the torch.

Mandie Baxter

Book lover. YA writer. Music junkie. If I don't have a book on hand or a song in my head something is wrong. Proceed with caution.

Mandie is one of my crit partners and an awesome friend. And I love hearing about her work, so this fits perfectly!

Jess Leake

Wife, mom of 3, author of ARCANA (Nov 4th/Talos Press), my debut historical fantasy. Rep'd by of Writers House 

Jess is another CP and friend, and an amazing writer (her debut novel comes out this November!).

Enjoy, ladies! 

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