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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The 3 Rs: Readin' (w)Ritin' and...Rest!

As my last post shows, I've been uber busy lately (hey, I know, lemme enroll in school an hour away while working and trying to write. fun times) and am just now seeing the calm in the storm (geez, I hope it's not the eye of the storm. ugh). Which means my brain can once again focus on doing what I love: reading and writing!

I'm, oh, about four MSs (sorry Kelley, Kelley, Mandie and Jess!) and so-many-I've-lost-count books behind schedule, but I'm getting back in the game so to speak, and I'm excited! Plus, the creative juices have been let out of their cage and are rip roarin' ready to get me to THE END. Yay!

So this is short, yes, because, duh, reading. ;-)

But I'll be back, and hopefully with a writing update (on, say, Monday? you know, since that's the whole Ready Set Write! thing. Yeah.)!